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Posted in Archive, on September 07, 2015

In 1982 a vintage Dutch police jacket inspired C.P. Company's AW '82 collection and its extraordinary success changed the face of the brand. The Dutch Motorcycle police uniform from which it came has since been lost; however, the collection featured a series of modular jackets with removable sleeves and collars in material combinations of knitwear, oiled canvas, leather and suede which remain a significant part of the C.P. Company archive today.

The inventiveness of Osti's designs began to gain widespread recognition in the press and demand for these innovative pieces grew rapidly. As a result, C.P. Company's production capacity multiplied while Massimo managed to retain the scientific accuracy with which he selected materials.

The key piece in the collection was a unique poplin jacket treated in such a way as to make it waterproof while retaining the natural appearance of the outer face. To this, Massimo added calfskin in brown, goatskin in green and sheepskin in red to match his exacting specifications; a selection of these iconic pieces featured heavily in L'Uomo Vogue's 1982 July/August issue.

From a commercial perspective, the success of the AW '82 collection was a turning point in C.P. Company's history; they refined their distribution by enhancing the exclusivity of their stockist list, while growing overall sales and laying the foundations of the brand's success today.

(Images courtesy of the Massimo Osti Archive)



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