Posted in Archive, on September 11, 2015

In September 1930 the workers of the American aeronautic forces equipment laboratories invented the 'A2' jacket; for Ost's flight jacket everything began from there. Since the 1930s, this waist-length design has been transformed for motorcyclists, alpinists and workers. Made famous by Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront and worn by James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, the short jacket became a menswear staple in the 1950s.

Throughout the 1970s Massimo made the short jacket a principle piece in his collections. However, by the late 1980s he was no longer content with working from templates and therefore decided to go to source by studying the M444 and M445 US Air Force flying jackets used during World War Two. As a result of his extensive research, he developed the Sheepskin flying jacket pictured below for C.P. Company's Autumn Winter 1987 collection.

An aviator's jacket could never be reduced to a single function as it had to be capable of adapting to different conditions and environments. Accordingly, the design contains a myriad of details including buckle straps to tighten the waist to the wearer's preference and a standing collar to protect the wearer from cold winds.

This classic jacket became a key point of reference for many of Osti's future designs and the flight jacket has remained at the core of C.P. Company collections throughout the years, as well as being a key part of this season's 40th Anniversary collection.

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(Images courtesy of the Massimo Osti Archive)