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Posted in Archive, on September 13, 2015

Among all of C.P. Company's developments in 1987, two of the most significant were Massimo Osti's fabric innovations; 'Rubber Flax' and 'Rubber Wool'. These two fabrics were engineered as a result of Osti's relentless drive to experiment with materials and treatments.


Inspired by traditional English sports clothing, these fabrics were developed to add new qualities of technical performance to traditional materials; by bonding rubber with wool Osti was able to enhance the natural characteristics of both to give them renewed significance within the sportswear sector.

The rubber coating Massimo chose to apply kept the wool's natural yarns unaltered, while guaranteeing that its normally delicate surface maintains a high level of resistance to harsh weather conditions without reducing its breathability. Rubber Wool's strength and resilience were formidable and the fabric cemented C.P. Company's reputation for pioneering inventive materials.

This treatment had the equivalent impact when applied to linen in the process of creating 'Rubber Flax'; this material was also waterproof and wind resistant while being more lightweight than its wool counterpart. The coating transformed linen from being a summer material into a versatile sportswear fabric that was suitable in all seasons, and it went on to be subjected to an additional silicone resin finish that further enhanced its durability.

These two fabrics remain at the heart of the C.P. Company archive and have continued to provide inspiration for fabric research throughout collections in the years since 1987.

(Images courtesy of the Massimo Osti Archive)



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