Posted in Archive, on September 18, 2015

Following further research into protective hoods used by the military, Massimo created several prototypes over the course of 1987. Anti-gas hoods provided him with particular inspiration and gave him the idea of moving the lenses from the collar - as they were on The Explorer - to the hood itself. The construction of the piece adopted the multifunctional details of Swiss army field jackets with pockets suited to numerous tasks. 

Osti then chose to sew another lens into the sleeve of the jacket to allow the wearer to view his watch. This version of the design was used to sponsor the 1988 edition of the infamous Mille Miglia car race; Massimo felt his latest innovation represented his vision of the ideal jacket for any adventure. The shell protected the wearer from rain and mud, while the system of pockets allowed him to carry a full range of necessities from identification papers, to a canteen, knife, victuals and maps.

The garments used in the Mille Miglia race were beige and featured the race logo printed in red on the chest pocket flap. When C.P. Company agreed to sponsor the race, Massimo realised the jacket looked perfectly designed for the purpose of the race and he offered it to participants, organisers and race officials. Functional, timeless and aesthetically bold, this jacket has become a symbol of Massimo Osti's creativity and continues to provide inspiration for C.P. Company's latest Goggle Jackets.


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(Images courtesy of the Massimo Osti Archive)