By CP Company Store
Posted in Archive, on September 25, 2015

In the early 1990s Massimo Osti yearned to remove himself from the whirlwind pace of the fashion system and hoped to design the "perfect" male wardrobe; timeless and not subject to fashion trends. This desire compelled Massimo to create a series of garments, which were to be offered in an identical form each season, after meticulous and obsessive fine-tuning of his most iconic designs.


Each piece was characterised by its own aesthetic and unique set of functional details; from 1991 onwards these pieces became identified by an exclusive C.P. Company label that featured the expression 'Continuative Garment', as pictured above. These classic designs included the Aviator Jacket and its lightweight counterpart, the Sahariana, as well as the infamous 'Goggle Jacket'.

In addition to these iconic pieces, he also designed a Quilted Vest, Classic Trench and Waterproof Overcoat, as well as a Down-lined Parka in treated cotton with a fur-lined hood. Osti would later explain his pursuit of creating this collection of Continuative Garments by saying that "only by thinking about clothing in terms of years rather than seasons can one guarantee a quality which will win over the crisis of excessive consumption".

When reflecting upon C.P. Company's development under Massimo Osti's guardianship, Moreno Ferrari (who became creative director in 1995), recounted that he "was always interested in the factory and his rapport with the worker; in this sense, Massimo was a school for my generation. From the initial magical intuition of garment dyeing he went on to create an entirely new method of working. The first time you entered C.P. Company it seemed like people were running between departments protecting the garments they held in their hands... The way people worked was positive, proud, and immediate."

(Images courtesy of the Massimo Osti Archive)