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Posted in Archive, on September 27, 2015

Throughout the 1990's C.P. Company's creative team (now headed by Romeo Gigli) looked to develop a line designed for the younger generation by establishing C.P. Company Undersixteen. The collections they developed were highly innovative, and were largely influenced by the technical materials and techniques used throughout the mainline collection.

The children's coats and jackets from the Undersixteen line became increasingly identifiable by their button fastening arm badge, similar to that which Massimo Osti introduced with another brand he infamously created; Stone Island. As the label developed, C.P. Company produced increasingly well received advertising campaigns featuring children wearing pieces from each seasonal collection (as pictured below).

The junior line grew in stature throughout the early 2000's, prior to a brief hiatus that was ended when the current brand owner, Enzo Fusco, re-established the C.P. Company Undersixteen label in 2011. Since then, the label has frequently introduced textile innovations to the childrenswear sector and has continued to go from strength to strength in recent years.


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