Posted in Archive, on September 28, 2015

Following Romeo Gigli's four-year tenure at the helm of C.P. Company's design team, Moreno Ferrari became the brand's Creative Director in 1997. Inspired by Massimo Osti's ability to produce unrivalled fabric innovations, Ferrari pursued his ambition to innovate within the realms of function and use; which have underpinned C.P. Company's design philosophy throughout it's 40-year history.

Despite the changes to C.P. Company's creative direction, the brand continued to go from strength-to-strength as the construction methods used became increasingly contemporary. Throughout the late 1990s, the brand was able to refine its approach to technical design; especially in terms of developing materials, as Ferrari adopted the mantra of creating new fabrics prior to finalising the design of his garments.

Ferrari also shared Osti's emphasis on durability and utilitarianism over fashion trends. In C.P. Company's Autumn Winter 1998 collection, he reinvigorated certain characteristics from pieces Massimo designed in the 1980s, while introducing elements to suit the modern urban man. As a result, the line that Ferrari created was named C.P. Company Urban Protection.

After creating an array of progressive designs for the Urban Protection line, Ferrari went on to create an even more radical line at the turn of the Millenium, called C.P. Company Transformables. This highly conceptual line consisted of dual-purpose garments and inflatable pieces that could be 'transformed' almost instantaneously.

Both of these groundbreaking lines have featured some of the most iconic pieces designed in C.P. Company's 40-year history, and we will be detailing each one of them exclusively in our archive and across social media throughout this week, as part of our #CPCompany40 campaign.

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