By CP Company Store
Posted in Archive, on September 30, 2015

In 1998, Moreno Ferrari's quest to develop highly innovative and conceptual designs for the urban man led him to develop the 'Metropolis' jacket, which became the first piece in the C.P. Company Urban Protection line. His primary focus was to create a series of garments that provided alternative functions, or that could be transformed in response to the need for protection.

CP Company Urban Protection Metropolis Jacket 1998

The Metropolis jacket featured a removable anti-smog face mask that was adjustable through openings in the hood; this unique detail made the piece instantly recognisable in C.P. Company's Autumn Winter 1998 collection. The radical new design also featured a multitude of other functional details for use in an urban environment, such as double opening wind protection pockets that were designed to contain the wearer's documents, mobile phone, or 'pocket PC'.

CP Company Urban Protection Face Mask

In addition to the various functional innovations showcased by this iconic piece, its material construction was also revolutionary; Dynalfil TS-70 was bonded to a nylon base, to create a rip and abrasion resistant finish that was both oil and water-proof, as well as being insulated with a high density double fleece lining. This groundbreaking design remains a centrepiece in the C.P. Company archive and continues to inspire the brand's current designers more than fifteen years later.



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