Posted in Archive, on October 06, 2015

The next addition to C.P. Company's Urban Protection line was the 'Atlas' jacket produced in 1999. The jacket featured a unique collar design that was both removable and inflatable; designed primarily to be removed and worn around the neck as a pillow when travelling. The piece had slit pockets on the front and four hidden pockets at the side which were ideally suited to its use as a travel jacket.

CP Company Urban Protection Atlas Jacket 1999

In addition, it had a detachable C.P. Company brand patch on the chest, frog closure at the neckline, and a high density double fleece lining. The protective shell was constructed from Dynalfil TS-70 bonded to a nylon base, which made this iconic garment abrasion and rip resistant as well as being oil and water-proof.

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