Posted in Archive, on October 15, 2015

After the groundbreaking success of the C.P. Company Urban Protection line, Moreno Ferrari began the new Millennium by developing another highly conceptual line called 'C.P. Company Transformables'. The first piece produced for the line in 2000 was the critically acclaimed C.P. Company 'Tent' jacket, pictured below.

CP Company Transformables Tent Jacket 2000

This translucent long hooded cloak design was constructed from an innovative new material, 'Crystal Wind'. The piece was entirely wind and rain-proof and had all the characteristics associated with a light rubberised material bonded to nylon mesh. Through the use of a single zip, the cloak could be transformed into a "metropolitan" igloo tent bearing a hot-pressed reflective '000CP' logo.

Over the last 40 years, the Transformables line has become central to the C.P. Company archive, and the inventive principles behind pieces such as the 'Tent' jacket have had a significant influence on the design of this season's coats and jackets.