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Posted in Archive, on October 19, 2015

Following the inception of the C.P. Company Transformables line with the Tent Jacket, Moreno Ferrari continued the collection by developing the 'Sweatsuit' in 2000. The long trench coat design could be transformed into a sweatsuit that resembled a translucent hazmat laboratory suit. The coat could be modified by zippers that run through the inside leg, allowing the wearer to quickly alter the coat from a sweatsuit to a more conventional parka design.

CP Company Transformables Sweatsuit 2000

Like the 'Tent', the Sweatsuit jacket was constructed from an innovative new material named 'Crystal Wind'. This wind and rain-proof lightweight rubberised material was bonded to nylon mesh; maintaining its breathability and versatility in a variety of changing weather conditions. The piece was designed with an adjustable hood, venting at the upper back and articulated pockets from the hips downwards, as well as featuring the '000CP' branding that became synonymous with the C.P. Company Transformables collection throughout 2000.