Posted in Archive, on October 19, 2015

Following the incredible success of the four previous designs produced as part of the C.P. Company Transformables line throughout 2000, Moreno Ferrari decided to conclude the collection by producing another highly innovative piece. He wanted the design to reflect the immense versatility and functionality of the highly conceptual pieces that preceded it, while exhibiting a more light-hearted alternative use; he did so, by creating the C.P. Company 'Kite' Jacket.

CP Company Transformables Kite Jacket 2000 

Like the Shoulderpack and Sleeping Bag designs, the Kite was also produced in a lightweight rubberised material called 'Crystal Wind' that was given a deep orange tone. This rubberised outer shell was bonded to nylon mesh and the piece itself could be worn as a wind and rain-proof long parka that could be transformed quickly and easily into a flying kite through velcro and zippers built into the coat. As with every piece produced throughout the C.P. Company Transformables line in 2000, the kite featured a hot-pressed reflective '000CP' logo.

This iconic line has remained central to the C.P. Company archive - Its ingenuity continues to inspire C.P. Company's current design team and its focus on functionality has had a significant influence on their design of the 40th Anniversary Collection.