Autumn Winter '19 Lookbook

Posted in News, on July 09, 2019

From the very beginning, C.P. Company has always been about fashion that’s driven by functionality. The 1988 Mille Miglia Jacket – which laid the foundations for the iconic line of Goggle Jackets – drew inspiration from military and survivalist garments and manifested a specific intent to protect the wearer, whilst providing unrivalled utility. In over thirty years, this philosophy has remained unchanged. With the AW '19 collection, C.P. Company is pushing the boundaries of its tried and tested methodology, focusing on performance-driven urban menswear that utilises new colour palettes and fabrics. 

Notable new techniques and finishes include the new proprietary ECLIPSE technology, which represents the logical evolution of the Re-Colour Migration process. Instead of a garment dyed base layer, a High Visibility polyester substrate is utilised, producing a deeper tone-on-tone effect whereby the original colour is permeated with a “glowing shadow”, and remains semi-visible beneath the transparent resin. MICRO M is a contemporary take on 50 Fili, the quintessential C.P. Company fabric, which substitutes the cotton thread used in the original with a hydrophobic polyester microfibre, coupling natural water resistance with a highly breathable fabric. The M-BOSSED series introduces a new aesthetic sensibility to the collection; garments are laser-etched with an all-over Splinter camouflage texture that continues, unbroken, from one fabric to the next. The result is an array of unpredictable permutation of the same pattern across a variety of garments, finished with the signature garment dyeing process. Lastly, the MBS line constitutes a study of how carrying space, and what people require from on-body storage and fastening, has developed in a period of constant urban movement. Modular Body Storage garments include shoulder pieces, sweatshirts and trousers, all of which are finished with the AnTic dye process, which further emphasises their 3D construction.

Unique textural and chromatic manufacturing technologies combine to create a range that responds to urban culture’s emerging desire for functional, hybridised urban style whilst refusing to compromise on comfort, performance or customisability.

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