C.P. Company Bespoke Colour

Posted in News, on April 02, 2019

As founder and prime innovator of the garment dyeing technique in the early 1970s, C.P. Company presents C.P. Company Bespoke Colour: the latest chapter in the story of garment dyeing. 

Thanks to the vast, accumulated know-how, it’s 40 plus years of experience and its desire to move forward, C.P. Company is now able to offer a custom-made dyeing service, the first brand ever to do so. Our customers can now order any colour they wish, created exclusively and uniquely for them.

The first phase of the Bespoke Colour project will be deeply artisanal, a hand-crafted process tailored to meet the desires of our most loyal followers. C.P. Company wants to involve its most passionate and loyal customers from the very first step of this pioneering journey. 

After choosing a colour from the PANTONE© colour reference, we will create a recipe for the desired colour and lab dip samples will be sent to you for approval. Pending approval, the final garment will be dyed and delivered within two weeks.

All the C.P. Company Bespoke Colour pieces will have a distinctive, unique, colour coded label and special edition chromatic lenses.

With the C.P. Company Bespoke Colour project, the Company pays homage to its origins as the brand which pioneered garment dyeing, while at the same time celebrating the individuality of its customers.


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