C.P. Company Bespoke Colour Capsule Collection

Posted in News, on October 16, 2019

As the inventors and innovators of the garment dyeing technique in the early 1970s, we proudly present C.P. Company Bespoke Colour: the latest chapter in the story of garment dyeing. Thanks to our vast, accumulated know-how, our 40 plus years of experience and desire to move forward, we recently pioneered a new custom dye service, the first brand ever to do so.

The next stage of the Bespoke Colour project is here: a new colour exclusively available on Our winter wardrobe staples the Brushed Fleece Mixed Sweater, M-Bossed Goggle Jacket, Garbardine Overshirt and the Nycra Medium Jacket have been reimagined in a unique shade of Pale Olive Green. In addition to this special colourway, all the C.P. Company Bespoke Colour pieces will have a distinctive colour-coded label.

This project once again highlights our commitment to innovation and the importance we give colour and the dyeing process. By refining our techniques and striving to improve we offer better-than-ever depth of colour – elevating our well-crafted pieces to something approaching personal luxury. With this exclusive colourway, we celebrate and the individuality and strong communal bond of our loyal customers.


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