AW '20 Taylon

Posted in News, on October 09, 2020

Bringing the C.P. Company story to an exciting new chapter in fabric innovation, this season sees a collection of inventive new outerwear pieces constructed from a unique fabric known as Taylon.

All of the jackets you’ll see in this video have been made using Taylon in both heavy and lightweight versions. As a fabric, the finely spun Taylon is interesting due to its opaque appearance, which strongly resembles a finish obtained from a natural material. Yet conversely, it also shares the same water-shedding properties of a man-made fibre.

Being much more inconspicuous than the ‘shinier’ nylon products available on the market, Taylon was first adopted for military use, whilst it later gained popularity in the manufacturing of workwear and active sports apparel, primarily thanks to its high-grip properties. Though naturally water-resistant, the hydrophobic properties of C.P. Company's Taylon jackets are further increased at the final stage of the garment dyeing process, where a water-resistant finish is applied. Given C.P. Company’s military influences and its ongoing research into cutting edge technical fabrics, Taylon provided the perfect choice when designing and creating this exciting new range.

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