The Art of Garment Dyeing

By CP Company Store
Posted in News, on March 29, 2017

C.P. Company Garment Dyeing

Garment dyeing is not just a technique created by C.P. Company. Garment dyeing is not just the most important innovation C.P. Company had given to the fashion industry. Garment dyeing is C.P. Company: past, present and future.

Four decades ago, garment dyeing was the idea from Massimo Osti that ignited the C.P. Company fire. He wanted to free garments from any stiffness or constraints, for new clothes to feel as comfortable and lived-in as firm favourites. After his first experiments, he discovered that by dyeing two different materials at the same time they react to the colour in a different way, giving desirable tone-on-tone effects. A new world opened-up: garment dyeing answered both functional and aesthetic needs.

The experiments continued: using dye baths, Osti became the first designer to dye a finished piece of clothing made up from different materials—cotton, wool, nylon, rubber leather. This process gave unique nuances of colour and made the garment unshrinkable, contrasting with tightly cut, stiff garments that are piece dyed, resulting in a flat, serial look.

Over the past forty years, we’ve created thousands of recipes for dyeing garments made from different fibres with details in various materials. Every season, our garment dyeing technique is at the forefront of the fashion industry, driving innovation with research and experimentation. What was once daring and risky is now standard and conventional, all thanks to the passion and bravery of Massimo Osti.

That’s why garment dyeing is so important in C.P. Company’s history, and the history of modern clothing. We’ve produced the following three videos to illustrate the technique, focusing on the elements that are required, the process of garment dyeing and the amazing details that result from it.



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