NEXT LANDSCAPE x James Massiah

By C.P. Company
Posted in News, on 7th September, 2020

C.P. Company introduces the new Dyneema Metropolis Jacket, worn by London poet and musician James Massiah. Performing an original piece exploring the overarching concept behind C.P. Company’s AW ’20 collection, NEXT LANDSCAPE, Massiahalso spoke to us about his own interpretation of this theme, and what the future might hold for both man-made and natural environments. 

How do you interpret your personal Next Landscape?

There's a lot on the horizon for me, it's been a challenging year for everyone I'd imagine, but I'm very much looking forward to the next chapter of my life, creatively and otherwise. Next Landscape for me though really is as much about reconnecting with people and places I haven't seen for a while as much as it is about my new EP, my next collection of poems and the next phase of love and life in London 

What is your relationship with nature? And how do you interpret the city?

Everything is natural, by mere virtue of its existence. I relate to each thing outside of myself as I am met by it on its own merits. The city, the countryside, the suburbs, the beach, and everything that inhabits each of those spaces has its own quirks and kinks that I take in and judge case by case. Nothing, nowhere and no one is completely good or bad. We take it all in as it comes

How do you think nature and the urban world could live harmoniously?

I'm not sure I'm equipped to say. I hear lots about the impact of humans and our constructions and developments on the environment and ‘nature’, but there’s big questions with a lot of complex answers relative to different people's personal and political interests. Maybe I'd even say they already are, to a certain extent: it's all a matter of perspective. I love the big green spaces we have in the capital, and I often love seeing wildlife in the garden. Thinking about this reminds me of the Natalie Portman film ‘Annihilation’

What will be, in your opinion, the role of mankind in the near future?

Humans will do what humans will do. I hope that doesn't sound flippant or facetious. I guess it's just my way of seeing, as nihilist and determinist. We'll be here for as long as we're here, doing whatever we do and have done since we arrived. I just hope to enjoy my time here with those that I love.

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C.P. Company AW '20 Dyneema Metropolis C.P. Company AW '20 Dyneema Metropolis C.P. Company AW '20 Dyneema Metropolis
C.P. Company AW '20 Dyneema Metropolis C.P. Company AW '20 Dyneema Metropolis C.P. Company AW '20 Dyneema Metropolis